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Wedding Day Personalised Ribbon Gift Box

Enhance your Wedding Day with a gift that speaks volumes through thoughtful elegance!

Our personalized ribbon boxes offer a touch of sophistication, featuring a beautiful pre-designed template to create the perfect keepsake. Each box provides ample space for you to add your own personal treasures—whether it’s a heartfelt letter, cherished photographs, or sentimental mementos.

Dimensions of our boxes:

  • Size: 300mm L x 210 mm H x 100mm D
  • Flip-open top with a satin ribbon closure

The outer top lid of each box comes adorned with your choice of pre-designed template, adding a personalized touch (e.g., ‘to my Bride on our Wedding Day’ or ‘to my Groom on our Wedding Day’). Additionally, you can customize the inner top lid with up to 15 words of additional text, allowing you to convey a special message or sentiment.

Please note: These boxes are sold without contents, giving you the freedom to fill them with items that hold significance for you and your loved one.

Create lasting memories with Urbanchic Creative’s personalized ribbon boxes, where every detail reflects the beauty and sentiment of your special day.


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